Automatic Crossbrake Machine

Composed of ball screws and 2 variable speed DC motors This machine uses air cylinders to shift 2 "V" rolls to produce the crossbrake Can be used as hand-fed or in-line at 60 FPM We provide an Adjustable Pass Line Gripping the blank with Rubber-Coated Shafts make the Crossbrake Machine vary accurate


The Crossbrake Machine will automate crossbraking of square duct There is no more of putting the crossbrake in by hand This machine has three variable speed motors. Recommended feed is at 60 FPM

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Elbow Machine Systems

Step by step, NOR Service offers you machines that roll, crimp and punch elbow tubes that turn out adjustable elbows

Purchase one, two or all three machines depending on what your needs are to streamline your elbow production.

Gang Punch

Tube & Crimp Roller

Oval Tube & Crimp Roller

Elbow Machine

Lock Seamer

Acme Lock Seaming Machine

  • The pipe runs through powered seaming rolls
    and exits out of the other end of Seamer
  • Accommodates 1' through 5' long blanks
  • Seaming heads are made for each size pipe from 3" - 10" diameter pipe

All Lock Seaming Heads are interchangeable for quick and easy setups. The runtime to seam an acme lock with our Lock Seamer is approximately 600 parts in an
8 hour shift (varying lengths may vary). This machine could be mainstreamed in other lines