Oval Tube & Crimp Roller

Nor Service offers an Oval Tube and Crimp Roller which will roll, crimp and bead in one operation.

Accommodates 2 foot wide blanks for making 3″ through 14″ Round and 5″ through 10″ oval elbows
crimp rolls
Adjustable timers for sizing of oval elbows

Profitable Operation — three steps in one pass
Portable — light enough to be mounted in any area
Floor Stand
Powered — with 110 volt motor
Simple to Operate — the optional bead can be removed at anytime;
to roll without crimping or work on the other end of the roll
Easy Adjustment — knurled knob to set up for different blank sizes
and oval positions
Direct Drive Motor & Gear Reducer — no belt adjustments needed
Powered infeed pinch rolls

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