Tube & Crimp Roller

Nor Service offers a Tube and Crimp Roller which will roll, crimp and bead in one operation.  We offer two widths of this tube roller 24″ wide and 36″ wide.

The Tube Roller will roll 3″ diameter and larger elbow tubes and tubes without locks up to 34″ in length (without crimp) on the 36″ Tube Roller and up to 22″ in length (without crimp) on the 24″ Tube Roller, in 24 gauge and lighter.

Profitable Operation — three steps in one pass
Portable — light enough to be mounted in any area
Powered — with 110 volt motor
Simple to Operate — the optional bead can be removed at anytime; to roll without crimping or work on the other end of the roll
Easy Adjustment — knurled knob to set up for different blank sizes
Direct Drive Motor & Gear Reducer — no belt adjustments needed

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