Lock Seamer

Acme Lock Seaming Machine

  • The pipe runs through powered seaming rolls
    and exits out of the other end of Seamer
  • Accommodates 1' through 5' long blanks
  • Seaming heads are made for each size pipe from 3" - 10" diameter pipe

All Lock Seaming Heads are interchangeable for quick and easy setups. The runtime to seam an acme lock with our Lock Seamer is approximately 600 parts in an
8 hour shift (varying lengths may vary). This machine could be mainstreamed in other lines

The heads are made of polyurethane and steel
The seaming rolls are hardened for long lasting operations



Acme Lock Seaming Machine

2'6" wide, 7' long, 4' high


Capacity, max
Diameter Pipe, min - max
Seaming Heads
Shaft Diameter
Protective Guarding


24 gauge mild steel
3" to 10" diameter pipe
1' through 5' long blanks
3" to 10" diameter
3" diameter
3/4 HP, 110/220 Volt, 1725 RPM, 60 Cycle, Single Phase