Rotary Combination


Rotary Combination Machines 505 Tooling Tooling:*Burring *Turning *Beading *Stretching *Crimp *Offset*O.G. Bead *60″ “V”*Bead and Crimp

Specialized Rolls manufactured to meet your production needs
Available with either Hand Wheel or Air Cylinder. The Air Cylinder model frees both hands for easier, faster manipulation of work operations. This machine works in heavier sheets and has a capacity of 16-gauge mild steel

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The 512 Series adapts to special uses such as Cutting out Barrel Heads Beading & Flanging of stool rims Operation on Floodlight Rims Tank Heads

As with all of our Rotary Combination Machines the 512 is built with a cast iron head – machine-cut steel gears totally enclosed – ground & polished steel shafts.

– Models –

  • 512P
    Rotary Combination – Power Clamp
  • 512H
    Rotary Combination – Hand Clamp

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No. 513H (hand) and the No. 513P (Air) have been designed and built for strength and rigidity.  Equipped with adjustments for roll alignment for material thickness, Furnished with floor pedestal

Both models are Virtually 14 machines in one, accessories used on the No. 513H and 513P Rotary Combination Machine are interchangeable with the NOR Elbow Machines

These machines will also make adjustable elbows in 24-gauge mild steel -sizes
4-piece 90* – 3″ thru 12″
2-piece 45* – 6″ thru 12″
3-piece 45* – 3″, 4″, 5″

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