Nor Service inc. was founded in October of 1982 by Neil Rouse.   Mr. Rouse had been a dedicated employee of Rockford Machine Tool Company of Rockford, IL. for eleven years. As a skilled machine builder and service technician he was primarily involved in the building and servicing of Maplewood equipment, which included a complete line of sheet metal working machinery and rollform machinery for many applications.

In 1982 Rockford Machine Tool Company closed their doors after more than a century in business. Because the Maplewood customers were in need of service to their machines, Mr. Rouse decided to make his services available. The first two years he operated from his home but as business increased and orders for repair parts and new machines came rolling in a larger location was needed.
Nor Service moved to it’s present location at 215 So. State Ave. Freeport, IL 61032 in 1985

Nor Service inc.manufactures and repairs multiple roll-forming machines that accommodate a large number of formed locks, rolled pipe, elbows etc…

From a flat blank through the Gang Punch to our Tube Roller then on to the Elbow Machine

We also manufacture a 5′ or 10′ long Round and a 10′ Oval/Round pipe roller which are programmable so all the pipe diameters are stored in memory setups are at the touch of a button

The Crossbrake Machine will automate crossbraking of square duct sections