Snap-Lock Panel Machine

The No. 24RF Snap-Lock Panel machine forms female and male locks on varying blank width in one pass

This Machine is a high production machine designed to increase output and cut cost in the fabrication of pipe and duct section in the NOR Service inc. pipe system

The nine-station No. 24RF is equipped with a micrometer dial-type upper spindle adjustment for easy changing from one gauge to another

Hemmed Lock  Acme Lock

Shown above are two shapes typically used on this system. The No. 24RF-6 Panel Machine will form shapes like Acme Lock© and Hemming Edge©. It's a high production machine designed to produce special shapes not requiring nine forming stations of the No. 24RF

For other shapes not shown above, please contact our Engineering Department
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Shown below are two locks typically used on this system. The modified "R" Snap Lock© and The Duck Lock©  , the one most preferred by most Oval Pipe Manufacturers -- is the Button Lock©

Button Lock 24RF

Button Lock

Modified "R" Lock
Modified R Lock

Duct Lock
Duct Lock